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For breakdown repairs call us on: 01582 862000

 Instanta Repairs

by CaterCare Catering Equipment Ltd

Instant design and manufacture a range of robust commercial water boilers for the commercial catering, hotel and beverage industry.


We are able to repair the full range including:


  • Instanta countertop water boiler repair

  • Instanta wall mounted water boiler repair

  • Instanta undercounter water boiler repair

  • Instanta steam boiler repair

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01582 862000
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A flashing green light indicates that the bottom probe is coated in limescale, in this instance it is recommended that the unit is fully descaled.

A flashing orange light can indicate that the unit does not have water coming into it, this can be as a result of the water supply being turned off, the inlet hose being kinked or bent or having very low water pressure.

A flashing red light can indicated that a safety control has activated or that an internal component has failed or that the unit has over filled due to limescale on the probes or a failed solenoid valve.

A flashing red and green light can indicate that the over boil safety stat has tripped on the initial heat up, due to over boiling, or boiling dry or due to a faulty element.

Reset the boiler

All Earlier Models: Switch off at the mains power supply and allow the boiler to cool for ten minutes.

Safety Caution: Isolate boiler from power supply sensors before proceeding:

Later Models (All 1000-M models and 1000-C units from Serial No: CB02863 – Jan 2014): Isolate from mains electrical power supply and allow the boiler to cool down. Remove back panel and push the small reset button in the centre of the over-boil

cut-out (located next to the water inlet valve).

If the problem still occur contact our Service Department on 01582 862000.

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