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Catering Design Services

We have the solution..

Using Computer Aided Design technology combined with our vast knowledge of catering equipment and industry standards, we are able to offer you the opportunity to help turn your idea's into reality.


We offer the complete solution for the catering, education, business and hospitality public and private sectors including schools, universities, care homes, public houses, restaurants, cafes, day centres, social centres sports clubs, police, fire and MOD.


With 30 years industry experience our team will be on hand to assist you from initial design concept, through to sale, installation, completion and after sale support.


Fabrication Service

Through our fabrication service we can provide bespoke benches and dishwasher tabling, sink units, wall shelves, storage racking, servery counters, hot cupboards, heated gantry systems, wall cupboards, serving trolleys and much more.


High quality UK manufactured bespoke, tailor made heavy duty stainless steel products ensuring we can provide the exact specification you require, whilst utilising the maximum space available.


01582 862000

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