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Bedfordshire based commercial catering engineers serving the surrounding areas including:


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For breakdown repairs call us on: 01582 862000

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Parry Catering Equipment Repairs

by CaterCare Catering Equipment Ltd

Parry food service are a British food service equipment manufacturer based in Derby.


We are able to repair and service the following appliances:


  • Parry hot cupboard repair

  • Parry chip scuttle repair

  • Parry griddle repair

  • Parry chargrill repair

  • Parry pie cabinet repair

  • Parry heated display repair

  • Parry water boiler repair

  • Parry bain marie repair

  • Parry plate warmer repair

  • Parry mobile servery repair

  • Parry fryer repair

  • Parry hob repair

  • Parry oven repair

  • Parry gas range repair

  • Parry salamander grill repair

  • Parry panini grill repair

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